How foolish does fear make us? After the report from the spies, all the people cried out in despair and chose not to enter the Promised Land. Moses and Aaron fall on their faces before the people and Joshua and Caleb tear their robes and lament the decision. The four men believed God promised them victory in that land and all they had to do was go claim His prize. The people, however, could not get past the giants in the lands and the walls of the cities. They were walking in the flesh which caused them to live in fear. They even decided to go to war against another nation without God's approval or leading and were devastated by those people. Many died, and they were pushed back to their original location. Fear led them into each of these steps which ended with humiliation and defeat. They also were cursed to wander in the wilderness for the next forty years while this generation died off. Have you allowed fear to push you into making a horrible mistake? It is easy to do. Our only way to push back against that fear is by faith. We must believe God's promises to the point that we act on them without fear. God promised this land to His people, and they refused to take it; they chose defeat and death because they were scared. Will you and I be guilty of that same reality?

Help me, Lord, to enjoy the blessings that come from walking by faith. Help me to believe Your promises no matter what I see before me and to only act accord to them.