At God's command, Moses sends twelve spies into the Promised Land to get an idea of what they were facing when they entered the land. The spies spent forty days in that land and came back with two reports: first, the land was exactly like God said it would be, i.e., "flowing with milk and honey," but it was filled with giants, walls, and warriors that they could not defeat. Ten of the twelve spies agreed wholeheartedly with the report, but two men, Caleb and Joshua, were ready to go and take the land God promised to them. Two men lived by faith while the other ten lived in fear. God told them that they would/could take the land so their actions should have been based upon trust in God and not the size of the people they would fight. Fear takes our focus away from God and puts it on the earthly issues surrounding us. We get so lost in that fear that we can no longer hear God's voice or walk in obedience to Him. Are you there? It is quite easy to get lost in the abscess of fear to the point that we are unable to move at all. We simply stay in our stench and in our filth and never step into the glorious life God promises us through His Son. Are you ready to overcome that fear with faith? Yes, God will call you out of that "miry clay" and expect you to step out of your comfort zones, but He promises to walk with you through every step. Is that enough?

Help me, Lord, to live by faith and not by fear. Help me to find strength in You and Your promises and not let the circumstances surrounding me dictate how I live.