Aaron and Miriam, Moses' brother and sister, began to complain about their brother's position. They felt that they should be free to do what he did and might have even thought they could do it better. God hears their complaints and calls Aaron and Miriam to the tabernacle. The Scripture tells us that God actually came down to talk with the two complainers. He did not hesitate to remind them that this was not about Moses, this was about Him and their lack of fear for Him. God chose Moses as the one He spoke through. Since they challenged Moses' position, they challenged His authority. Yahweh was serious when He told them that Moses was His anointed, and they would fear Him enough to respect his leader. When the cloud lifted, the brothers realized that Miriam had been struck with the disease of leprosy. This, of course, created great fear for their family and at Moses' request, God allowed her to heal in seven days. When you and I question the authority of a person God has called to preach, pastor, serve as a missionary or as a leader of a ministry, we are not attacking the person, we are attacking God's authority. He has chosen that person for a specific purpose in that position. God wants to remind us that we need a healthy dose of fear of Him to help us live under the authority of our leaders. If they do not do what is needed, God will remove them, but until He does, be careful what you say about His person.

Help me, Lord, to respect the spiritual leaders You have put in my life. Help me to love and support that leader knowing You have placed them in that position for a specific purpose.