Complaining is the lazy way to handle problems in life. We do it when we have expectations that are far beyond what a person, company, or event promised. The Israelites came to Moses and complained continually because they did not have meat to eat. They were being given "manna," a bread from heaven, but no meat to eat, and they felt like they could not survive without it. Moses is heartbroken and takes his worries to the Lord. God was not pleased with their complaint but provided their request to the point that they got sick of meat. When we complain, we normally ask for stuff we do not really want or need. God's people had food, but they wanted variety while they wandered in disobedience through the wilderness. Do you hear the foolishness of their expectations? Is it possible that we, too, have placed expectations upon God that our outside the perimeters He has given us? Are you one of the people who asked God for something and then realized you did not really want it? God loves us and longs to provide for all our needs. He is more than capable of taking care of our needs, but we must stop expecting Him to do something He never promised or planned to do; instead, thankfulness must rule our minds and our hearts and cause us to constantly praise God for His goodness and grace. I know I do not deserve anything God has provided; therefore, I am thankful and amazed whenever He works in my life.

Help me, Lord, to stop complaining about issues that are out of my control. Help me to be thankful for all that You have done in my life and for the incredible grace You bestow on me.