God commanded Moses to make two trumpets that would be used to call the people to assemble together. God gave them a simple communication system that allowed parts of the nation or the whole nation to assemble when needed. I doubt that every man in Israel could hear the trumpet which meant that their system relied upon the people to spread the word for assembly. God has prepared us for that trumpet sound when He sends Jesus to gather His children. Just as the Old Testament trumpets brought all of Israel together, that heavenly trumpet will call all of God's children home. While on earth, God expects His people to hold each other accountable as they assemble together when they are called. The leaders held the people accountable and the people held the leaders accountable. It worked beautifully as long as the people walked closely to the Lord. In truth, the New Testament church has the same responsibility. Our leaders should hold us accountable, and we should hold our leaders accountable. We need each other to stay on the right side of the track so we will not stumble and fall away. Just as God called His people to assemble for accountability and worship; He has called His church to assemble for accountability and worship. If you changed your alarm ring tone to a trumpet on Sunday, it would always remind you of the call to worship. One day, that same sound will call us to assemble in our heavenly home with resurrected and glorified bodies.

Help me, Lord, to heed Your weekly call to assemble with Your people for accountability and worship. Help me to always be ready for that heavenly trumpet that will call us home to glory.