As the people continue to work through their past, they also take some time to remember how good God has been to them over the years. They praise him for Abraham, Moses, and Joshua. They give him thanks for his deliverance, and His provision of the best land and the most amazing produce. They also honestly admit their own failures and those of their forefathers. They truly want to do what is right and recognize their role in the failures of the past. They even acknowledge their current predicament and admit their hopelessness without God’s intervention. Can you imagine the United Stares of America coming to that point? Would it not be beautiful if each person would take responsibility for the holocaust that is taking place in our great land? What would happen if men and women around the country confessed their sin and took responsibility for what is happening in our land? God talks about that in 1 Chronicles, but He does not concern Himself with the whole nation; instead His focus is “My people.” God wants his church to do just what the people in Jerusalem did. He is not okay with His people living by the status quo. He wants us on our knees confessing our personal sins and those corporate sins of this nation. Until God’s people bow their knee, we will never see true revival break out. It is time for God’s church to remember all the good that God has done already and to get things right with God so He can do something miraculous in our country.

Help me, Lord, to lead the way as I humble myself before You confessing my sins and those of our nation. Help me to continually look back and remember how good You have been.