At this point in the settling of the new Jerusalem, the leaders turn the people to the Word of God. They do not create new government plans that really sound good but are total absurdity, nor do they try to convince the people that their way of life is better than all others; instead, they take people to the Scriptures for the answers to life's questions. Ezra reads the Word to the people, and they listen and obey. It is beautiful to see them build booths for a feast that was dictated in Scripture and then to spend seven days living in those booths and collectively worshiping Almighty God. Without the Bible, these people would have never really known how to please God. They would have worked from their flesh and done little to honor Him. Those who claim the name of Christ do the same on many occasions. We are sure we know exactly what is best, normally based upon the culture around us, and we actually rebel against the Lord without knowing it. As Christ-followers, we must spend time in the Word every day. We need God's direction and wisdom as we enter into the daily battle for our spiritual lives. Have you made the Scriptures a priority in your life? It is a vital component to honoring the Lord and walking in His will.

Help me, Lord, to spend time daily in Your Word preparing for the constant battles I must fight. Help me to prioritize Your Word in my daily life so that I can walk in complete obedience to You.