This chapter is filled with lots of names and numbers that have little significance for our daily lives, but it also contains a little nugget of truth for today. As Nehemiah finishes the gates, he puts everything in order inside the city. While doing so, he actually sets a strong precedent for all believers. Nehemiah picked Hananiah to serve as one of those in charge of Jerusalem. He picked this man over all others because "he was a man of integrity and feared God more than most men do." In other words, Hananiah might not have been the most qualified man for the job, but he was the man with the most character and spiritual understanding. We take resumes and even interview people to see if their skills fit our needs. What if we completely changed the process and started with character and spiritual strength and then worked from there? I am not discounting the need for skill, but a person who is highly skilled yet has no integrity or spiritual insight can create an environment that does not breed success or true investment in people. It could also be that we need to focus a little more on integrity and spirituality as individuals and a little less our personal skill set. Nehemiah understood this concept and hired this man because of his integrity and his obvious fear of God. He realized that training might be needed, but it would be more than worth it because he brought so much more to the table than just skill

Help me, Lord, to be a man of integrity who fears God. Help me to look first at a person's character and spirituality before looking at a specific skill set.