Why do we need to spend time in God's Word and to ask the Holy Spirit to fill us daily? We face opposition, my friends, just like Nehemiah. These forces are always looking for a way to deceive those who desire to follow Christ. When we are not reading the Word and not filled with the Spirit, we are not protecting ourselves from that deception and will likely fall for it. Nehemiah did not cater to those who opposed the work, nor did he bow to idle threats that had no basis in truth. He listened to those who spoke truth and rejected the lies that were being spread by the enemy. John 17:17 remind us that "Thy Word is truth." If we want the correct, not the cultural, answers to life's questions, then we find them in the Bible. When we are confronted with deception, God's Spirit is there to bring the Scriptures to the forefront of our thinking. We do not have to be deceived, because we serve the God of absolute truth. It does not change according to circumstances or because of how I feel; it is unchanging truth. Nehemiah knew the truth about his presence in Jerusalem. God did not call him to cater to opposing forces; He called him to rebuild the walls, and he did it in fifty-two days. Are you committed to a daily time in God's Word and to a daily filling of the Spirit? It is your best defense against the lies and deceptions of the enemy.

Help me, Lord, to spend time in Your Word and to surrender to Your Spirit each day. Help me to recognize deception when it comes my way because of Your Word and Your Spirit and to stand against it as I walk in truth.