When an individual or a church do the Lord's work, they must expect opposition to occur. Normally, that opposition will come from the people you are trying to minister to. They are comfortable with a church doing its thing on its property, but they get irritated when she begins to expand her ministry outside the walls of the church. Nehemiah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem were committed to rebuilding the walls that were torn down by Nebuchadnezzar. Those opposed to the new walls threatened attacks so the people mobilized and prepared for battle while continuing to rebuild the walls. They did not quit; they simply prepared for what could happen during an attack. The church in the United States seems to have lost some of that fire that their forefathers displayed. When we face opposition, we back down or quiet down instead of stepping up and standing for truth. We do not necessarily condone sin, but we also rarely condemn it in any way, because we might offend someone. The Bible is offensive when it is preached fully and completely. We cannot change that truth so we should embrace it. Our goal is never to offend, but we must, must preach the whole truth of the Scriptures even if it creates opposition from our community. Nehemiah stood strong when it looked bleak, because he knew he was doing God's will. Are you that confident in His plan? Will you stand for truth even when you know it will create opposition?

Help me, Lord, to preach the whole truth of Your Word trusting You will use it for Your glory. Help me to stand against the opposition that comes from preaching the whole truth and to always be ready to give an answer for the hope that You have given me.