You might read this chapter and get a little bored. It is similar to a genealogy and since we do not understand the layout of Jerusalem, most of the terminology does not make much sense. As I read this morning, God immediately brought to mind the fact that Nehemiah did not try to do this on his own. He understood the magnitude of the work and asked the people to join him in it. Nehemiah worked hard to set an example for others, but he never took on more than he could handle. All of these people were needed for the wall to be rebuilt. They were capable; they just needed a leader and the supplies to do the work. We can learn much from this small group of people. Our churches may vary in the number of families attending, but they do not vary in their mission to take the Gospel to the world. We need everyone on board if we are truly going to connect our community to God. This is not a one-man show, or staff-only show; this is an "everyone has to be one board and ready to go" kind of show. While you may feel useless, please know that you are desperately needed. We are wearing out the few who serve, and we need others to step up and take the call of God seriously. Your church needs you!. Will you follow the lead of those who lead your church and watch God do a work through you?

Help me, Lord, to work together with my church family to reach this world for Christ. Help me to take up my part and encourage others to do their part so that we can all use our gifts for His glory and for the growth of His kingdom.