Nehemiah is just a person who is available to God for a specific purpose.  When he arrives on the scene in Jerusalem, he creates a plan by sneaking out of the main camp to inspect the broken down walls.  He wants to present a clear vision to the people who will help him build and to discourage those who opposed the idea.  A vision is one of the most persuasive ways to get people to follow you.  It helps them see past all the hard work to the finish line.  Nehemiah already knows why they need to rebuild the walls; now, he wants to understand how they will do it.  Many individuals and churches have lost sight of the need for vision.  We get comfortable and almost stagnant in the "normal" and stop looking for God's next step for the future.  This is a huge mistake on our parts, because we miss the "good stuff" God has for us.  Individual believers and churches must follow Nehemiah's example if we want to connect our community to God.  This sometimes creates tension for those who really like the status quo and do not want to "rock the boat."  Storms are sometimes the only way God can get our attention (Jonah) or build our faith (Peter).  We must stop caring more about the storms than the lost in our community going to hell.  Wake up, Christ-followers, and wake up, church!  Find God's vision and then live in it every single day of your life.

Help me, Lord, to stop celebrating the status quo.  Help me to find Your vision for my life and for my church and then live everyday trying to fulfill it.