As the people continue to organize this new settlement in the Judean province of the Medo-Persian empire, they focus some of their attention upon musical worship. They march with choirs leading the way, and they set up responses from one choir to another. The leaders constantly refer back to David's deep love for music and the way he set it up during his reign as king. Music and singing are incredible privileges that we seem to take for granted. Many believers around the globe cannot sing to the Lord and play music for His glory. These returnees understood the privilege of music and singing and made it a focus of their worship. While in captivity, they probably had some freedom to worship Yahweh, but not in the manner that they desired. These Jews did not just sing a song or play a chord, they worshiped God through music. They lived and believed the lyrics and allowed them to produce a deep sorrow for sin and a unmatched praised for God's future redemption through the Messiah. This is true worship. We have corrupted it and lost the relevance of it in the modern church. As you worship individually this week and corporately on Sunday, will you stop and think about what you are singing and allow God to use worship to strengthen your walk with Him?

Help me, Lord, to worship You through music and singing this week. Help me to grow through those songs of praise, lamentation, and thanksgiving and to sing them for my good and Your glory.