Nehemiah is not a prince like Zerubbabel, nor is he a priest like Ezra; instead, Nehemiah is a regular person who wants to make an impact upon his people in Jerusalem. He serves as the king's cupbearer but has no royalty running through his blood or any deep spiritual training to lean upon. As far as we know, he is not a contractor or involved with construction, but he hears of a need and asks God to open the door for him to meet it. Nehemiah's heart is to be available to God to meet needs believing He will make the cupbearer able to accomplish the task before him. Have you ever stopped to consider that possibility? God does not necessarily need your abilities to use you in a ministry or service opportunity. More than anything, he needs us to be available to His calling even when it does not make sense. Many times, we hear God's call and think how much better another person would fit that situation, but God did not call another person; He called you! We need people who have the heart of Nehemiah; people who are willing to say, "here I am, Lord, send me." Stop limiting what God can do through you simply because it does not fit your gifts, your plan, or your past experiences. God can provide all that you need if you will simply say "yes."

Help me, Lord, to always be available when You call me into action. Help me to stop limiting Your ability to work through me and walk by faith in Your Word, Your plan, and Your power.