After their ordination, the priests are introduced to their work in the temple. God wants to meet with them, but He expects them to follow His rules before doing so. I love how detailed God is with what He wants. He does not stutter or question Himself; instead, He gives the Law to Moses and then expects him to obey. How many times have we chosen disobedience because the culture tells us to or because some friends led us in a bad direction? The Scriptures show us exactly how to live for the Lord; how to walk in obedience to Him. When we choose a different path, or even try to credit God with giving us the desire to do something against His Word, we are fooling ourselves, literally lying to ourselves, about what is best in life. This is why we must teach our kids the details, because God expects them to live by them. When we only teach general truths or principles, we leave them open for fleshly interpretation. When, however, we share the truth with our kids in detail, they have a foundation to build their lives upon. Of course, we derail that truth when we watch or participate in anything that is against Scripture. We literally undermine our opportunity to influence our children for Jesus and not against Him. Aaron and his boys did exactly what God told them to do as they prepared for ministry. How can we do any less for ourselves and our kids?

Help me, Lord, to major on the details of obedience to provide a strong foundation for them to build a life upon. Help me to stop listening to the worldly influences around me and start listening to the Truth that is Your Word.