After the tabernacle and the altar are finished, Moses installs Aaron and his sons as priests. It is a beautiful ceremony where he actually dresses each man in the priestly garments setting them apart as sacred. God wants His people to show respect for those He has called to such an important decision, and He proves that with garments and the sacrifices that God demands as they are ordained. Aaron and his sons are now held to a higher standard than others, because they serve at the altar and at the tabernacle on a regular basis. Do you see the correlation? The higher the standard, the more sacred the position becomes. Obviously, the future kings of Israel would be installed and celebrated, but the standards they were to follow were greater than others, except the priests. Today, we find pastors in our churches. Do they fill the same role as the priests of the Old Testament? Not necessarily, but two similarities exist: they are held to a higher standard, and it is understood that they are ministers to whatever needs their flock is facing. As a pastor, I do not see myself as more important that anyone else at our church, but I do understand that greater responsibility is placed upon me because of that title. I am to set an example for my flock to follow, and I am accountable to God for what I do and how I do it. Should we put our pastors on a pedestal? We should not, but we should pray for them daily and expect their best in preparing the flock for the work of the ministry.

Help me, Lord, to set a strong example for my flock to follow. Help me to pray daily for my pastor (or my fellow pastors), as he/they fight the good fight and prepare the flock for the work of the ministry.