God is the Master of details. He dictated the Law to Moses with every possible situation included. He went from sin offerings to fellowship offerings to the way the priests' needs were met. He did not leave out one person or one scenario that might be encountered by His people, the Israelites. The only way God could have planned His Son's entry into human history is by preparing way in advance with a crazy amount of detail. This is our amazing God! The God who loves details. I know in my own life details can be a weakness that hurts not only me, but my family, and my church. It is important that we stay on task with the specific details God gives us in His Word. Details could include a daily time with God or a note of encouragement to someone once a week. Those kinds of details make all the difference in your world and in the world of those you love. At times, however, we also use details as an excuse not to do something difficult or out of our comfort zones. We see the task as too burdensome or too difficult and simply step away before trying. Follow the example our God has set and focus your attention on the details that can make all the difference in your walk with God and your walk with fellow believers. Where would we be if God had not majored on the details? How different could our lives be if we did?

Help me, Lord, to follow Your example and focus my attention on the details of life. Help me to love You better and love those around me more thoroughly as I remember the details revealed in Your Word.