Do you ever sin willfully? Is it even possible for a Christ-follower to do so? We can all attest that it is definitely possible for a believer to sin willfully. God understood human nature and provided an offering for those who knowingly sin for a selfish reason. God knew the need and made a way to meet that need with the blood sacrifice of an animal. Sin is such a powerful force in our lives and without Jesus, we have no real defense against Satan's attacks. He knows our weaknesses and loves to exploit them through our fleshly wants and desires. Satan's goal is to steal your testimony and then ruin your life. He is no respecter of persons and loves to destroy as many people as possible by taking advantage of their flesh. God also knows our weaknesses and asks us to lean upon Him when temptation comes our way. He will be our strength and our help in those times where we cannot stand on our own. Just as God provided a sacrifice for intentional sin, He has also provided the ultimate sacrifice for our sins whether intentional or unintentional. Jesus' sacrifice does more than cleanse our sin; He also cleanses our guilt and our shame. He became our Substitute, the One who took our place. We can fight that temptation through Jesus, but we must surrender and allow Him to take the lead in our battles. God's people in ancient Israel had to trust His ability to forgive their sin through the appointed sacrifice, and we, as His modern-day people, must trust that Jesus' sacrifice was all that God required to forgive our willful and unintentional sin and to give us strength to fight daily battles with sin.

Help me, Lord, to trust Your Sacrifice as I fight those daily battles with sin. Help me to lean upon You as soon as the battle starts instead of waiting until I am too weak to fight alone.