Do you believe that you deserve certain rights or benefits because of your past or present circumstances? If so, the words, "it's not fair" are always on the tip of your tongue. Is this God's plan for our lives? Do verses like "if you do not work, you do not eat" turn your stomach? God's plan is perfect, but our execution, at times, can create chaos and destruction, because we work from a fleshly perspective that says I should not have to work for anything. This chapter reminds us that God does not live by that same understanding. He tells those who sin in ignorance that they are still guilty before Him. We believe that if we do not know the truth, we cannot be held accountable for the truth. God, however, sees it from a completely different perspective. He says that even though you do not have knowledge of a specific sin, you will still be guilty of that sin. I remember when my son was three or four, he suddenly used a curse word to express himself. I was shocked at first, because we do not curse in our home, but he picked it up somewhere and assumed he was allowed to use it. We worked hard to find and cut him off from the show that taught him that word and promised to wash his mouth out with soap if he ever said it again. He did say it again and his mother did follow through on our promise. God has given us the instruction book, the guidebook for life, and He expects us to read it so that we can "know the truth, and the truth can set us free."

Help me, Lord, to study Your Word so that I can know right from wrong. Help me to have the strength to live in obedience without ever claiming ignorance again.