Can we sin unintentionally? This chapter gives us the clear answer of "yes, we can sin unintentionally." God provides sacrifices for Israel, when it unintentionally sinned as a nation. He also provided sacrifices for leaders when they unintentionally sin, and He provides a sacrifice for an individual in the nation of Israel that sins unintentionally. This unintentional sin is still a sin punishable by the Law. God provides these sacrifices to help alleviate their guilt and to put them back on the straight path. In today's culture, it is so easy to offend someone without ever meaning to. Paul taught us 1 Corinthians that when we say or do something that offends another, it is sin, even if it is completely unintentional. Sin is sin, and it needs a sacrifice to satisfy God's righteous demands. Do Christ-followers still face the consequences of unintentional sin? They definitely do! We must all realize that God is "no respecter or persons." He does not see one more important than the other; He simply sees them as His followers. How will I ever know if I have unintentionally sinned? Normally, God will reveal it to you either in your personal time in His Word or through your pastor. God's goal is to make you even more of what He wants you to be; therefore, He will reveal that unintentional sin when you are ready to hear it and change.

Help me, Lord, to stay away from any sin, intentional or unintentional. Help me to be so deeply in love with You that I leave behind all those attributes that lead me into sin.