This chapter is an incredible reminder of God's sovereignty! As the Almighty summarizes the book of Leviticus in this last chapter, He reminds us that He is Lord of all in our lives and in this universe. Every thought, action, reaction, or attitude must be surrendered to Jesus so that we can enjoy His richest blessings in life. Admittedly, I walk by grace, but I must never forget the parallel between obedience and blessing. That parallel is only possible because Jesus is in complete control. He created us, and He sustains us. While He is Lord of all in a legal sense, God still wants us to surrender our lives to His will. He wants us to read His Word, learn from it, and apply it to our lives. When we do so, He is free to bless us in ways beyond our comprehension. When we do not, He simply cannot work. We rebel and He removes His hand of blessing. He still loves us and still walks with us, but He does not pour out His goodness upon us. Are you satisfied with being better than one or two people in your neighborhood or at work, or are you looking for the answers to life's questions which will quench your thirst and fill your belly? If you have grown up in church or have walked with Christ, but now choose to live your own life by your own rules, then you know the difference when God's hand has been removed and you are left to deal with all the consequences of your sin. God wants so much more for your life, but He is waiting for you to give up and give Him control in your life.

Help me, Lord, to read Your Word and apply its truth to my life so that I can enjoy Your richest blessings. Help me to constantly recognize You as the sovereign of this universe and Lord of my life.