This is one of my favorite chapters in this book, because it reminds us that our walk with God is a walk of faith. God gives two commands that could devastate the economy of Israel. It would have been easy not to let all the land rest on the seventh year or to release all slaves and purchased land back to its original owner during the Year of Jubilee. Only those who truly trusted Christ were able to step from the natural to the supernatural. God makes a clear promise to those who believe Him enough to let their fields sit for a year; He promises three years worth of harvest in the sixth year to cover the seventh month and then to start the eighth month. That sixth harvest would be triple the size of a normal harvest for those who walked by faith. In the fiftieth year, the Year of Jubilee, those who walked by faith let all their slaves free and returned any land purchased from another family. God literally reset the culture and most transactions were based upon that year. If they bought land or a slave early in the fifty-year period, it would cost more than a piece of land or a slave who was purchased closer to the end of the fifty-year plan. Faith actually changes our lives, our families, and our culture in radical ways. We see God work in our homes, our finances, and our decisions. He is always at the forefront of our minds, and His way of life reveals the best way to live. Do you have that much faith? Do I?

Help me, Lord, to walk fully and completely by faith. Help me to read Your Word, find Your truth, apply it, and then live it to the best of my ability.