Few people in our modern age have "high" view of God. We constantly try to bring Him down to our standards or our understanding, but God tells us in Isaiah that His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. Having a high view of God keeps God right where He belongs. He is King, Sovereign, and Lord of this universe and of my life. Jesus came to show us how God would live on this earth, but He did not bring God down to our standards or our ideas; instead, Jesus exalted His Father always reminding His people that He is the One worthy of honor and glory. In today's chapter, Moses tells a short story about a man who took God's name in vain. He used it for selfish purposes and in a sense cursed using the Almighty's name. Moses' response was swift and sure, because He held an incredibly high view of God. He told the people to stone the man who misused God's name. Today, we use God's name in all kinds of ways that demean His majesty and strive to make him human. While God does not normally strike down a person who is abusing His name, they will pay dearly throughout eternity. I truly believe that once we stand before Jesus in judgment, we will all hold a high view of God. Why wait? Take time to meet the God of the Bible and let Him shape your view of Himself.

Help me, Lord, to hold to a high view of Your majesty, power, and promises. Help me to only use Your name for good and to help people know You better.