I love how God describes every detail of the solemn assemblies and the feasts that Israel participated in after the Law was finished. They are all beautiful reminders of a work that God has done in the past and in the present. He wanted them to look back to His provision and protection, and He wanted them to look forward to greater works than have already been done. In the early days, these assemblies and feasts were not commercialized holidays with little purpose; instead they were installed by God and provided them with hope for the future. We all know how badly we seem to have messed this up with an overload of toys, Santa, and the Easter bunny. They have more commercial value than ever before and far less spiritual value. God has given us amazing days of celebration in holidays like Christmas and Easter. Those should be days of renewal and a constant reminder of what God has already done in our lives. They should cause us to look back to the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus and help us sustain a daily walk with Him. Just as God gave the Israelites feast, festivals, and assemblies, He has given us those special moments that could and should point us to Jesus and His amazing gift.

Help me, Lord, to see those special days You have given me from a new spiritual perspective. Help me to see the opportunities You provide for renewal and for rest and to take full advantage of them.