When you read this chapter, it is easy to focus on all the rules and regulations for priests. The problem with doing so is that you are leaving out the most important point. God wants His priests in the Old Testament and believers in the New Testament to look to Him for life's answers. Our current culture is living by emotions or by the latest fad and has completely forgotten God and His Word. Our feelings and need to be accepted push us into places we should never go and create instability and dysfunction in our lives. God wants His priests to look to Him and not themselves or the culture around them for those answers. While life will never be perfect on this earth, it will be far more enjoyable when we choose to live by truth. The consequences will be better, and the opportunities will be far greater when we choose God's truth over our flesh. Do you believe that? Are you willing to step out in faith and seek God's truth before you allow emotions and peer pressure to dominate your life? God is so ready to show you His will, but He is waiting for you to step up and accept the challenge. His Holy Spirit is always available to guide you to the truth and to God's will. He is indispensable in our daily walk with Jesus. We need Him to illuminate and apply the Scriptures while also leading us directly into God's perfect will for our lives. Will you give the Spirit a chance by choosing to live by truth?

Help me, Lord, to put away my fleshly ways to make decisions and to begin to look for answers in Your Word. Help me to surrender to the Holy Spirit's filling everyday so that He can guide me into Your perfect will.