God sets His priests apart as holy not only through their title or their garments, but also through their lifestyle. A priest lost his effectiveness when he rebelled against the Lord so God laid out a clear plan of action for each priest to follow. He says the words, "holy to the Lord" at least five times in this chapter, because He wants them to know they are "set apart" to Him and to serve in His temple. Any priest that had a physical deformity or disease was disqualified from entering the Holy of Holies or offering sacrifices on the altar for the sins of the people. Again, God has set them apart for Himself, and these are His commands. Today, all Christ-followers are New Testament priests. Does God still set us apart to Him? I believe He does. His Word reveals how He wants us to live and shows us how we can do so. God also lays out His boundaries for life so that we will be holy to Him and not set apart to the culture of our day. Is there freedom inside those boundaries? Absolutely! Inside those boundaries we are completely free and able to enjoy life to the fullest. Why would we put ourselves in that kind of situation? Our heart ultimately must be more on people and less on ourselves. When we live in the culture and look exactly like everyone else, we lose our ability to make an impact. Where is your life most focused at this moment? Are you more concerned with yourself and your needs, or are you focused on others and their needs? That answer will determine the level of holiness you experience in life.

Help me, Lord, to study Your Word to find the answers for life and holiness. Help me to love others more than I love myself so that I will live set apart to the Lord and not in my flesh.