After God gives His people the Law, He reveals the consequences for disobedience. I suspect that reading through His punishments might be slightly shocking to those who have "lightened" the consequences for their children's mistakes. God is completely clear in His mindset towards sin. He knows His people are prone to follow the nations around them. He knows their propensity to gravitate to the ungodly so He gives them Laws and consequences to help them recognize the seriousness of sin. Many of these laws are actions against the sins of the surrounding nations. How easily do we gravitate towards the sins of people we spend time with? It is much easier to give into sin than to draw others towards godliness. We want to be accepted and "loved" so we will do just about anything those around us are doing. God's responds with clear consequences for that sin which He hopes will encourage them to stay away. This is part of the command to "fear the Lord." When we fear Him, we live in obedience to Him. When, however, we fear rejection or the loss of "friends," we choose to "take our chances" with God. Are you that courageous? I pray that we will start to think about the consequences for our sin before we take a wrong step and suffer.

Help me, Lord, to fear You to the point of obedience. Help me to gravitate towards Jesus and away from sin and any other disrespectful words, actions, or attitudes.