I just finished reading IMB Director, David Platt's tweet about the death of two SBC missionaries working in the country of Africa. The couple who had served in that country died there in a automobile accident. When we hear of something so tragic as two faithful missionaries dying, I suspect some of us start to question this God that we serve. Today's text is a beautiful reminder that God takes incredible care of His people. Every time the people brought an offering to the Lord, a portion of it went to provide for the priests' needs. God did not miss one detail in how He designed the priesthood and provided for it. If that is true, then how can we not believe that God provided for those two missionaries by being present with them through the tragedy and then ushering them into the heavenlies? God never intended this earth to be our final destination. He is preparing a place for us according to John 14. Until then, we must trust Him to provide for our needs as He did for the Levitical priesthood. We do not always understand His ways of provision, but we cannot deny they are a real part of our lives. As I read the tweet, I wondered if those two missionaries ever prayed for revival to break out in Africa. If so, could God not use their deaths to spark a fire that will reach the far corners of the continent? God does provide, but we sometimes struggle with the means by which He does so.

Help me, Lord, to trust You for my provision and protection in this life. Help me to ready myself for the place You are preparing for me by walking closely with You and living in obedience to Your commandments.