As God reiterates many of His commands from before, He also talks with them about "gleanings." This was God's plan for taking care of the poor and the strangers in the land. The farmers were to only harvest their fields once and leave anything that has fallen to the ground plus the corners of the fields for those who were less fortunate. After the harvest was complete, then those in need could come to the field and go back over the plants that were harvested, pick up anything on the ground that was edible, and pick from the corners. In God's plan, no one was just given something; instead, they had to go harvest the fields themselves if they wanted to enjoy the "gleanings." The farmer did not collect the harvest for the poor; the poor harvested what was left of the farmer's field. God also taught His people to be generous to those who have less than we do. These farmers could afford to give their gleanings to those in need, and God blessed them with more as they obeyed His Law. It was a beautiful plan that benefited everyone and that would not create dependence on government or any other strong force in society. Today, we seem to have forgotten God's plan and replaced it with our own. We have taught people to be dependent on the government when God wants people to depend upon the church. We, too, are called to generosity by helping those in need.

Help me, Lord, to follow the example set in Your Law when it comes to those who are less fortunate. Help me to be generous with all that You have given me focusing on the needs of others, more than my own personal wants.