God reminds His people that blood is our life source. He also commands them to only shed the blood of an animal for sacrifice at the tabernacle. If they choose to slaughter their own animal and offer it as a sacrifice in the their own fields, then it is a sin and the person must be excluded from the camp. The same act with two completely different outcomes based only on God's Word about it. That same principle applies to almost every area of life. We talk lots in our culture about sex and God gives us clear instructions about it. We can choose to do it our way and suffer the emotional, spiritual, and physical consequences, or we can choose to follow God's plan and enjoy His incredible blessings. We also deal with work ethic on a daily basis. Many people slack off at work because of a lack of accountability or because they earn tenure. That attitude has an incredibly negative impact upon your co-workers. God tells us clearly that He expects us to work hard for Him and not for a paycheck or a promotion. Every job I do is done for Him if I am His kid. You both go to work and you both take a lunch break, but one person works for a much higher purpose. Just as God reminded His people of the importance of blood in life; He also reminds us that we can do the same act for different purposes and have completely different outcomes.

Help me, Lord, to read and study Your Word so that I can enjoy Your blessings as I walk in obedience to You. Help me to encourage others to make wise decisions so they too can enjoy Your blessings.