The day of atonement was a massive part of the Jewish culture. On that day, the High Priest would enter the Holy of Holies and sprinkle blood on the covering and on the ark. This was done for the forgiveness of sin for the nation of Israel. On that day, the priests would also choose a goat to carry the weight of their sin upon it as it wandered outside the camp. Today, we call it the "scapegoat." They would literally lay hands on its head and in essence transfer their sin to this animal who would carry it away from their presence. As we work through the emotional and spiritual strain of Good Friday, may we never forget that God gave us a forever scapegoat in Jesus. When He died on that cross over two thousand years ago, Jesus took every single one of our sins upon Himself. He shed perfect blood to wash those sins away. He carried our faults and failures "as far as the east is from the west." I never tire of being reminded that ALL my sins are forgiven -- past, present, and future. Once you are "in Christ," you can never do anything do lose that eternal life that was promised when you believed in Him as your ultimate Sacrifice and your only Way to heaven. Jesus fulfilled all the symbols of the Day of Atonement on that Good Friday so many years ago.

Help me, Lord, to cast all my cares, my worries, and my fears before You knowing You have forgiven me and washed me clean through Your blood. Help me to live like I am "in Christ" 24/7 so others will see Your genuineness and my gratefulness.