God created us; therefore, He knows us better than anyone else. When I read this chapter, that was the nugget He gave me for the day. God does not create boundaries or write laws that have no real purpose. He creates those protective measures, because He knows what we will face in life. He is preparing His people for anything they might face in the wilderness and in the Promised Land. When you are tempted to complain about a boundary God has created, rethink your plan as you remember that God provided it for a specific purpose in your life. He knows what is best for you! Today, we believe that only we can know what is best for us. We have removed God from our schools and destroyed the authority of parents in our society. We even have children marching in protest telling their parents what to believe. That is man's way of dealing with life, not God's. You and I enjoy His best when we put ourselves under His authority and live inside the boundaries He has created. Since we removed God from our schools, has our education gotten better? Has peer pressure gotten less difficult? Do teachers feel safer and more prepared for work? When children begin to tell parents what to do, is the fabric of our society getting stronger? Do children always make wise decisions, or are they easily deceived by those in authority over them? Is God pouring out His wrath on our nation because we are not under His authority? I believe God has simply lifted His hand of blessing from those who choose to live opposite His plan. They suffer the consequences of their own bad decisions as do those around them.

Help me, Lord, to remember that You are my Creator, and You know me best. Help me to live under Your authority and inside Your boundaries and enjoy Your blessings on my life.