God reveals Himself in all kinds of amazing ways. Sometimes, those ways are so small we almost miss them, and sometimes they are so massive that we struggle to comprehend. Does cedar wood, red yarn, hyssop and the blood of a bird have any healing qualities? Apparently, in God's plan, it does. This was the method He chose to use to declare a man clean and ready to re-enter the Israelite camp. Why? God did so to remind them that He is the great Physician not medicines or cedar wood or any other earthly item. I think regularly about my friend, Mark Green. He has spent the last two plus months in ICU on a ventilator. Yesterday, he texted his wife asking for a double cheeseburger from McDonald's. I guarantee that doctors will not take credit for his healing, because they were "shooting in the dark" hoping to find a solution. God, however, intervened and reminded everyone that medicine does not heal and doctors do not heal; only He does! God does use medicine and He does use doctors to help in the healing process, but they, like the blood, cedar wood, red yarn, and hyssop have no power whatsoever unless it comes from the Him. Are you physically ill, emotionally ill, or spiritually ill? Where is your hope? For Mark and his family: their hope was in Christ and His ability to heal! Where is your hope today?

Help me, Lord, to seek You for healing before ever looking to medicine or a doctor. Help me to find all my hope in You for every kind of healing I might need.