We always celebrate when we see God protect us in a visible, physical manner, but we seem to forget that God protects us from the unseen and the unexpected. As part of the Law, God deals with infectious disease and mildew in the Israelite camp. God set specific boundaries to protect His people from disease and deadly spores. He literally gave His priests the responsibility of diagnosing a serious issue and then quarantining the person or item that has the problem. The tabernacle becomes an infirmary at times to protect the whole camp from widespread, rampant disease. The key to their success is the honesty of the people who have a sore or who have an issue with mildew in their home. If the people did not tell someone about their problem, then it could spread quickly and in a deadly manner. Since God commanded them to go to the priests, when a person disobeyed then everyone suffered the consequences. What is the most deadly disease we deal with today? That would be sin (anything we say, do, or think that displeases God)! John tells us that if we confess our sins, God is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse our sin completely. To confess means the same thing as the Old Testament decree; the person had to acknowledge a problem and then act properly before God. He wants us to live in forgiveness, peace, and constant healing. That only happens when we confess our sin to the Almighty and trust Him to forgive and heal me.

Help me, Lord, to confess my sin daily before You knowing Your boundaries protect me from the unseen and unexpected. Help me to be honest about my mistakes and lead my family to do the same as we seek to honor You!