As I read this morning, I wondered to the Lord how this would apply to my life and to many other's lives. The chapter focuses on a woman's "uncleanness" from her monthly cycle and from childbirth. Again, what do we learn from a chapter like this? I think the answer is found in the safety that God provides through the boundaries that He creates. A new baby does not necessarily need to be "out and about" immediately. Time is needed for immune systems to develop and for bonding to occur between the baby and his/her parents. For God to require a week off after childbirth actually makes perfect sense. On the eighth day, the parents would bring their babies to the tabernacle for a dedication service. This put the parent's mind at ease when they were reminded that God has given this gift to them and now they have the joy of raising him/her in "the nurture and admonition of the Lord." How open are you to God's boundaries? Those boundaries were not created for punishment; instead God gave us boundaries to protect us from ourselves and others. God also has a personal lesson in each chapter of His Word. Sometimes, it is obvious, and sometimes, you have to search for it, but you can trust that your nugget is in that text.

Help me, Lord, to live inside the boundaries You have created for my life. Help me to see Your protection upon my life and upon my family as we all seek to live according to Your plan.