God gets specific when it comes to the diet He wants His people to consume. He gives them clear details on which animals are edible or unclean. He does this to protect them from themselves and to keep them healthy and strong as they prepare to enter the Promised Land. For those who touched an unclean animal, bird, or sea creature, God saw them as unclean until evening. How do we apply such a passage to our lives today? We know God has opened Pandora's box when it comes to food today. We have no real restrictions. We do, however, have many other restrictions (I like to call them boundaries) in the New Testament. Lust is a boundary that Jesus gave us and those who ignore His Word and rebel are unclean. Anger is a boundary that Jesus provided, and those who are angry for no legitimate reason or who sin while angry are unclean. He talks about giving our offerings in a public manner as a way of being unclean. When we do whatever we do for our glory instead of His, we are unclean. The beautiful reminder we find this morning is that Jesus came to "cleanse us from all sin." How do we take something unclean and "cleanse" it? It happens by faith when we confess our sin and enjoy His cleansing. Are you living outside the boundaries God has given us in His Word? If so, are you ready to confess that to the Lord and enjoy His cleaning power in your life?

Help me, Lord, to know the boundaries You have set and to live inside them. Help me to confess sin when I step out of those boundaries and enjoy Your cleansing once again.