Nadab and Abihu, the two sons of Aaron, take a "foreign fire" to the altar. As soon as it gets close, the two boys are killed by fire from heaven. Some might see this as mean or as an over reactive response, but God wanted to set a clear example that He was not playing when it came to how the people were to worship Him. God even went so far as to tell Aaron that he could not mourn the loss of the two boys. The family would have to mourn for him. Imagine Aaron's mindset after watching two of his boys destroyed by fire from heaven; he had to be heartbroken and even scared, but he also had to realize just how holy his work for the Lord was. God always expects excellence from us! I did not say perfection; I said excellence. God wants us to give our best in every situation and circumstance, because He is worthy of our excellence, and His people should have only the best when they come to worship. In our modern-day church and modern-day worship, excellence is a must. God deserves our best and uses it to attract new people into our fellowship. I believe this is also true in our personal, daily worship, because God does not want the leftovers or the last moments before you sleep. He wants your best!

Help me, Lord, to always strive for excellence in all that I do. Help me to remember Nadab and Abihu as examples of why excellence is so important in personal and corporate worship.