This book was written for the Levites, the priests that would take care of the tabernacle and offer sacrifices for the people. As you read this first chapter, you realize that blood played a huge role in God's plan for redemption. Each animal sacrificed reminded the people of a coming Messiah who would take away their sins. While the blood of those animal sacrifices could never take away sin, Jesus' blood literally "cleanses us from all sin." All sin includes our past sins, our present sins, and our future sins. Since we see sin alive and well in our lives every day, it is hard to grasp that it has all been washed in the blood of the Lamb. The Old Testament priests stood as a go-between for God and man. They could not offer forgiveness, but they could offer sacrifices that would cover the sins of the people until the Messiah arrived. We are not big fans of blood in our current culture, because it reminds us of the gore and gunk we see on television, movies and video games. It is symbol of pain and hurt instead of redemption. As Christ-followers, we must live beyond the culture realizing that Jesus' perfect blood had to be shed so that we could be forgiven. We must sing about and celebrate the blood of Jesus, because it alone has washed our sin away. Are you washed in the blood? If so, celebrate today. If not, why not?

Help me, Lord, to sing about and celebrate the perfect blood You shed for me. Help me to share Your story with those You bring into my life so they can be cleansed of their sin through Your blood.