When people waver between following God and following the flesh, children are greatly impacted by the inconsistencies and upheaval. Abimelech is a product of a wishy-washy faith in Israel. They would serve the Lord for a while and then follow the Baals, and Abimelech got caught in the middle. Born to a prostitute, this man was shunned by his half-brothers until he convinced the people of Shechem to turn against his seventy brothers. He gathers "worthless" people around him and kills all seventy on one stone. He then tries to rule the people of Shechem, but God is not in it due to the way he treated Gideon's family. Eventually, Abimelech is killed by an unnamed lady who dropped a millstone from the top of a tower onto his head. It is so sad to see potential squandered for power or for popularity. Our culture has not created a strong foundation for our children to walk upon; therefore, we must create that foundation through consistency and faithfulness to the Lord. Abimelech deserved God's punishment, but Gideon was at fault along with others who influenced the young man negatively. Our lives must be an open book with our kids so that we can positively influence them for the Lord. Are you ready to step out of that comfort zone and show your kids the truth of who God is and who you are in Christ?

Help me, Lord, to stop wavering in my commitment to You. Help me to be consistent and faithful so my kids have an example to follow into the future.