As Gideon is finishing off the Midianite army, the Ephraimites come to him with questions about their lack of use in the battle. Gideon uses reason to help them understand his thinking and to rest in his leadership. He also uses reason when he talks with two cities' male leaders who could feed his soldiers while Israel chased down the Midianites. It seemed like the perfect scenario, but both kings denied his request and brought God's wrath upon them through His judge. Gideon was by no means perfect; he made some huge mistakes in life, but he was a man who could actually think. In today's culture, we are asked to not think, just to listen. In a sense, we have been sold the line that we are not smart enough, but others are and we should all listen to them. Hollywood seems to live by that train of thought as they always try to influence social and political aspects of our culture. Sadly, much of our government, past and present, also strives to keep our minds closed and our ears open. God, however, designed us to think, to reason, to ask questions, and to seek answers. When we simply sit and listen, we never truly fulfill God's ultimate design for our lives. You were made to think through what you are doing and why you are doing it. That does not leave God out of the equation; instead, it means you are doing what He made you to do.

Help me, Lord, to think before speaking or acting. Help me to listen to Your Holy Spirit as He guides me into Your plan, but help me to keep my wits (that You have given me) about me throughout the journey.