Gideon is now ready to fight the Midianites. He gathers thousands of soldiers to fight with him and prepares them for battle. God, however, has different plans and asks Joshua to send those men who are scared home. Thousands walked away from the battle and left only three thousand to fight against an army of hundreds of thousands. God is still not done cleansing Gideon's army. He takes them to the river and watches them drink. Those that laid flat on their bellies and lapped up the water were sent home leaving only three hundred men to fight this massive army. Gideon, however, had enough proof of the victory (from the fleece) that he simply took the three hundred men, divided them into three teams, and attacked the Midianites. This sounds impossible, but God is the God of the impossible, and He proves that in this battle. The men yell and smash clay pots, and the enemy army turns on itself in fear. This had nothing to do with Gideon, and everything to do with God. The Almighty provided the victory through the craziest of circumstances. Have you experienced that in your own life recently? God has no limitations and absolutely no fears; therefore, He can do what we cannot with whatever He has before Him.

Help me, Lord, to lay my burdens at Your feet and trust You to get the victory. Help me to stop living in fear and to start walking by faith knowing You are working in ways I could never understand.