Gideon provides us the perfect example of a complicated man. He goes from fear to faith to fear to faith, and the cycle goes on. Somehow in all that dichotomy, Gideon receives a new name based on the life he chooses to live. They called him Jerub-baal with means "to contend with Baal." While Gideon feared making wrong decisions or going too fast into God's plan, he did not fear Baal and had no problem cutting down and destroying its worship sites. The people saw his faith and consequently gave him a nickname. How many believers today have lived in such a manner that people actually describe us more by our actions than by our given name? This was Gideon's public persona. He eventually delivered the people of Israel from their captors so they people saw Gideon as a leader, as a trend-setter. Gideon, however, never saw himself in that manner. He constantly struggled with faith, but God saw his potential and gently urged the judge into His perfect will. It is okay for you to break down in the Lord's presence. It is okay to ask those questions you would never ask in public. It is okay, because Jesus is your Savior and friend. He loves you and understands your struggles and asks you to bring them to Him. Let people see Jesus at work in and through your life and then spend quality time with Him as you face each day's battles.

Help me, Lord, to live in such a manner that people make up nicknames to describe my actions and attitudes towards You and towards others. Help me to find my "safe place" in You even as I strive to lead those around me to Your throne.