I love music, especially music that keeps my heart focused upon God and His plan for my life. Deborah and Barak join forces and write a beautiful song about the victory that God gave Israel over the Canaanites. This song reminds them of their failure as spiritual leaders and of the truth that God came to their rescue despite those failures. This song commemorates Deborah as the "mother of Israel" and the river Kidron as the great savior that washed their enemy away. It pushes the people to rejoice over what God has done for them. I honestly hope this song hit #1 on the music charts of that day, because the people needed to hear the message over and over again. What kind of music do you listen to? As a child and teen, my genres were many, but at this point in life, I only want to hear and concentrate on those words that fuel my passion for Jesus and for building His kingdom. Personally, I have seen the powerful effects of music on people. It can build a person up or tear him/her down. It can push a person to do what is right or it can cause a person to do something that they know is wrong. Once we hear those words and implant them in our minds, they seem to stick. Sadly, that means that we depend more upon those words and less upon God's Word unless the music is from the Scriptures or about the God of those Scriptures. We must be careful, my friends, when it comes to music. It can be another snare Satan uses to turn us away from the Lord.

Help me, Lord, to listen to the kinds of music that honor You and create a passion for building Your kingdom. Help me to share what You teach me through music with others who are struggling in this area.