After the Benjamites have been destroyed, Israel mourns the loss of one of its twelve tribes. Only a small remnant remains, and they have taken an oath to not give their daughters to those who rebelled so completely against God. That oath meant that this tribe of Israel would disappear. The men of Israel come up with a plan to provide wives which included the slaughter of another city (except the virgins) and kidnapping unsuspecting virgins while they danced in the hills. It is worse than a television drama, because they have no conscience. They are trying to follow the Lord, but are clearly lost as to how to do that. Their response is to try to figure it out on their own. When I take control of my life, it spins out of control in a subtle "downward drift" that leads me away from the Scriptures. God is calling us to more than that. He wants us to surrender completely to His call for salvation and sanctification. We cannot figure that kind of life out on our own, because we are natural and that is a supernatural life. Only the sword and the Spirit can give me that kind of instruction. If I am not in the Word and filled with the Spirit every day, how in the world can I possibly live out the Christian life? It cannot and will not happen. If you are unsure, go back and reread this chapter to see how foolish and carnal the flesh really is.

Help me, Lord, to stop leaning on my own understanding and to start leaning only on Yours. Help me to stick closely to Your Word and Your Spirit as I seek to live this supernatural life You have called me to.