The craziness continues as people know just enough of the Law to create a mess. The Danites did not obey the Lord and conquer the people in the land they inherited. They did not obey the Lord, because doing so would have been difficult. Those people were not going to leave without a fight, and Dan had no desire to fight back. Instead, they look for an innocent group of people outside of their jurisdiction to attack and conquer. On their way to spy out a particular city, six Danite spies meet Micah's priest who blesses them and tells them all about the plethora of gods that his master has collected. When they return with soldiers ready for battle, these people steal the idols and ask the priest to join them. The priest has no sense of a call to Micah's house, because he was completely outside of God's will. In his flesh, he followed the money, the prestige, and the bigger "congregation." As Christ-followers, we cannot afford to walk in the flesh. The penalty is too great. People are watching to determine if Jesus really does make a difference in life, and our testimony might be the only proof they can see. A soul could be waiting in the balance, and then we choose to walk in the flesh on that day. If we are not careful, the crazies can take over our lives as they did the lives of the Israelites. These people had every opportunity to follow the Lord and make a positive impact upon others, but they chose a different route that led to this unacceptable, morally-corrupt, hypocritical religion that left God completely out of the picture.

Help me, Lord, to fight against the culture around me and to fight for the faith that comes from spending time in Your Word. Help me to lead my family and my church to follow You not according to our senses but according to Your Scriptures.