When God is not allowed into a situation, it can get out of hand quickly because we start listening to our own ideas and following our own senses. This chapter is filled with a cacophony of stupidity as Micah steals from his mom, returns the money, and is blessed by her. The blessing comes in the form of false gods and idols. Micah even sets his son as the priest over his household. Not one of these events has anything to do with God or His word. As a matter of fact, they are completely contradictory to Yahweh's law. When we reject God and go out on our own, we actually start listening to our own ideas and believe they are true, because we begin living according to our senses. Our senses always lead us to what looks good or what feels good, but they rarely lead us into God's will for our lives. Eventually, a Levite shows up at Micah's door, and he invites him to serve as the priest of his household, because God would be glorified through it. This man had just enough Biblical knowledge to be dangerous. We are guilty of the same when we depend upon a pastor to feed us spiritually. God tells us that we must spend time with Him each day so that we grow in our knowledge of Him and His plan for life. Will you commit yourself to time in the Word every day? It is the only way that we will not end up just like Micah.

Help me, Lord, to seek You with all my heart and soul. Help me to stay away from the craziness and drama of life by spending time in Your Word and walking in Your plan for my life.