Have you ever met a person with obvious potential that cannot seem to get over themselves? Samson might be the ultimate example of such a person. We know his potential was greater than the other judges in Israel, yet his battles with the flesh, with lust, and with pride always stopped him from fulfilling that potential. He spends the night with a prostitute and has to carry the city gates with him to get away from his enemies. He meets Delilah and enters into a relationship with her. He is so consumed with lust that he misses all the little clues that revealed that she was not what he thought. In the end, he gives up his "secret" and never notices when God's Spirit leaves him. In a span of an hour, he lost everything because of his flesh, his lust, and his pride. Only after he has lost everything, do we see an inkling of faith in Samson's life. He asks God for one more surge of strength to destroy the temple of Dagon and all the leaders of the Philistines. Why did it take so much to get Samson's attention? He was more consumed with himself than he was about God or his responsibility before the Lord. Can we be guilty of the same attitude? Undoubtedly, we can, and we are; therefore, we must stop every so often and take inventory of who we are and why we do what we do. If it has anything to do with me, then I am right where Samson was and wasting the potential God has placed in me.

Help me, Lord, to stop every so often (possibly today) and take a real inventory of my life at this moment. Help me to use those moments to strengthen my passion and my potential for service.