Samson's big pout cost him a wife and future family. He exacts revenge but never recovers from the loss. Everything he does from that point on signals a man who is slowly losing it. Tragedy can do that to a person, and Samson was not emotionally stronger than any mortal man. He tried to act cool even when the Philistines burned his fiance and her family, but it led to another outburst where he killed a large number of Philistines. Once again, the first tragedy fed into more tragedies, because Samson did not deal with them correctly nor did he seek the Lord's help for his needs. Believe it or not, God can actually heal a heart from tragedy and renew hope even in the most difficult of times. It seems that the death of children in families has increased recently. How do a mother and father who lost three children in a house fire recover? It is not by luck, fate, or revenge; no, it is only possible through Jesus Christ. He can bring peace to the distress and a plan for the future. When you hear of a tragedy, where do you point people? We have some great natural answers, but what about supernatural answers? Do you believe God can heal a broken heart or renew the hope of someone who has lost everything? He is more than able to do so, but it takes a deep reliance upon Him and a faith that will not falter no matter what occurs. Samson had no reliance and no faith; revenge became his companion and led him to many wrong turns in the future.

Help me, Lord, to seek You, instead of revenge, when tragedy strikes close to home. Help me to walk in Your peace and in Your plan no matter what comes my way.