The story of Samson is a story of strong beginnings and devastating endings. Why? While Samson was blessed with supernatural strength and a God-given call to serve as a Nazirite, he never developed a strong sense of family or faith. He fed his flesh and began to believe he deserved whatever he wanted. With all his abilities and opportunities, one might think that Samson would see how good God was to him and strive to walk closely with Him. Samson never had that desire, and he never nurtured any kind of walk with God until his life was almost over. We cannot judge Samson, because his life is simply a picture of what our lives look like. We talk about serving God and even recognize His incredible goodness in our lives, but we choose to follow a different path. We think we deserve to enjoy fun, pleasure, and the "highs" of life. Since we deserve such, we ignore God's work and His plan for our lives and follow our flesh. Samson saw a woman and wanted her. He killed a lion and wanted to glory in his victory. He was so consumed with his personal plan that he never gave God a chance to do something incredible through him. God did use Samson to accomplish His goal, but the life that was wasted had to be heartbreaking to Him.

Help me, Lord, to seek Your plan first and foremost. Help me to stay on the path You have determined for me and to make an impact for Your name and Your glory.