This book has four chapters devoted to a man who was not spiritual or moral; he did not have a conscience, and he was selfish in everything he did. Why would that be? Samson was not perfect by any standard, but he was called by God to serve as the last judge mentioned in this book. His beginning was far better than his end, as God laid out His plan for the strongest man to ever walk on the face of the earth. He ordained Samson as His servant and prepared him through parents who wanted to do right by him and by God. As Samson grew, it was obvious that God was with him, because he stood out in the crowd. Sadly, he did not have a mentor who could help temper his pride and overcome his issues with anger. He did fulfill his calling, but definitely not in the manner that made the most sense. Why has God placed you on this earth? Do you think He made a mistake in some way, because you do not like a certain body part or you struggle physically, emotionally, or spiritually? God never makes mistakes; only we do! God made you just as you are for His purpose and plan. Samson did all he could to divert that plan, but God would not be stopped. The same is true in your life, as well. Stop focusing all your attention on your wants and desires and start seeking what God wants and desires for you. Doing so, sets you free to be that person He created you to be.

Help me, Lord, to take advantage of the incredible blessings You have given me (spouse, children, church family, etc). Help me to stop focusing on my wants and start focusing on what You want for me so that I can fulfill Your plan for my life.